In the outskirts of chennai in about a few kms from koyembedu(bus terminus),is the place which attracts many devotees in the month of aadi,THIRUVAERKADU(திருவேற்காடு), the sign board in the entrance directs the people to cross the twists and turns ahead and reach the final destination DEVI KARUMAARIAMMAN TEMPLE( தேவி கருமாரியம்மன் கோயில்).

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Karumaariamman, the godess for the common,in tamilnadu in every home u can see karumaariamman's photo in their pooja room collection,verkadu is the center of attraction of people around tamilnadu.
The temple is very small but its a place filled with many miracles.
The temple has a busy street filled with shops selling garlands,statues of gods and also many fortune tellers(as amman is the favorite god for the fortune tellers) garlands are sold at a price ranging from 30-50rs and archanai set(with coconut and banana)will cost you around 20rs.
On entering the main entrance as usual vinayagar welcomes you into the temple,seated beneath the peepal tree along with nagaar statutes both sides of him,now moving to to visit the main deity karumaariamman's gopuram(temple tower) is covered with gold and in the sanctum-sanctorium one can witness the head of amman as her body is submerged in the earth,at most of the times its covered with silver face of amman which adds more beauty to the god,amman with her smiling face welcomes you to give her blessings,here amman is self begotten,evolved from a anthill,nayagi eswari just above the head of karumari is seated with four hands with trident(சூலம்),skull(கபாலம்),sword(வாள்) and tapper drum(உடுக்கை) in her hands,kungumam,viboothi,theertham along with lemon is given as prasadam for the devotees.
After having the worship of amman,the sanidhi of verkanni amman is the next place to halt,the sanidhi once had a white neem tree which withered and now verkani amman is there in place of the neem tree,durgai amman,subrammaniyar,srinivasa perumal with sridevi,bhoodevi,ramar with seetha,lakshman and hanuman,navagrahaas are also worshiped in differnt sanidhis here.adjacent to the temple a huge anthill is present were people worship amman in from of naaga valli(snake form) people offer milk and egg to the anthill in a vessel like setup which takes the egg and milk mixture deep into the anthill,manjal and kumgumam is sprinkled on the anthill to give the devine effect to the anthill.The temple tank or thichambar theertham is situated in front of the temple.
Apart from the common man sun god,sage agasthiyar have also worshipped the goddess even today sun god extends his rays on the amman and seek her blessings twice a year in the tamil months of panguni(march-April) and purataasi(September-October) If u plan to visit the temple its just 10kms away from the city with good roads take you to the temple,buses from all parts of the city ply to temple 27c from t.nagar,29e from perambur,170 from tambaram,m50 from anna square. So soon plan your trip to vaerkadu and have the dharshan of the merciful maariamman.

To perform pooja in this templs pls contact us doshanivarthi@gmail.com


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